How school can demotivate us | #school

Have you ever felt so unmotivated at the beginning of school year? Hope not because it’s something new AND unbelievable for me. The second week of study is behind us but all I can feel is tiredness, hopeless and of course stress. I have a lot of work, hi to all biological/chemistry freaks! But my miserable mood is not because of it…


Maybe you heard on your first lessons

“There is no time for introduction, let’s start making material”


“It will be really hard; I’m not sure if you will succeed in this…”

Or my favorite one
“It’s a waste of time, we have to do it quicker!”  – said teacher on our first lesson…


My question is how the hell is this supposed to motivate me to study??? School should be a place where you are able to meet new people, make relationships, friendships 4eveeee. It is the most important part in human beings life because we develop socially, we carve out our opinion about the world and of course, we increase our knowledge. We should get opportunities to try new things and choose what makes us happy.  Stress is also an important thing in school cuz as my parents used to say: life is stressful and hard honey…. A school is a place where we are able to learn how to manage our time and cope with stress.


There is no doubt that if you want to achieve something, you have to work hard but don’t exaggerate, please. Keep everything in balance! Study hard but take care of yourself cuz let’s be honest without will be nothing.

So as a conclusion? If teachers and other school persons can’t motivate you for this year I will do it! Do what you want; you don’t have to study in every minute of your free time. Work hard will let you achieve all your goals but make sure that you’re happy with what you’re doing. Develop your hobbies, meet new people because they’re not as black as it is painted, it’s possible to communicate with them.  Take care of yourself and remember that I believe in you!!!

Lots of love and peace, and fun, and calm, and chill for this new school year!



P.S: Post is quite short but for me, it’s important to “talk” with you about things like that. It applies to most of us. I hope that you will find here something helpful and after reading this post you can say: “wow, there is someone with the same problem, cool!”

P.S: I’m not translating this one because I want to try my new plugin “translator”. It’s really time-consuming to translate everything so I’m trying to find a new way to do it. Let me know how it works!

Loveeee <3