Being organized in 5 STEPS

Oh My God… it is already October? Have first topics been done? I’ve got 5 exams in the nearest two weeks??? Being organized it’s the hardest thing during high school. Beginnings are acceptable but later… you can’t decide where to put your hands.  I have got for you some helpful tips on how to stay […]


“Cogito ergo sum”

“Cogito ergo sum” means “I think therefore I am”, this breakthrough in Descartes philosophy went on to prove that humans are dualism beings – spiritual minds or souls in material bodies. Maybe if we are going to  explain that phrase in our “Modern Times”…  Nowadays, especially in High School we are imposed by our community […]


Hey, Hi, Hello!

Everyone of us has dreams, plan but we can’t find motivation in ourselves to fulfil them. We are looking through many diffrent places such as Pinterest, Facebook etc. to find some helpful tips to make our lives more productive or just  a little bit happier. So here I am, trying to give you some advices […]