philosophical problems

Homo mensura omnium rerum

It’s almost the end of November and I should finally post another Philosophy sentence. Thought for this month is “Homo mensura omnium rerum” and it means “Man is the measure of all things”. Protagoras, author of the sentence above, was a pre-Socratic  Greek philosopher, he was one of Sophists, group so-called teachers because they were […]



Follow my blog with Bloglovin What are they? Where are they? Do we really need them? How are we make our memories? Dictionary definition: The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience. So what does it actually mean? Do we have some special power to do it? Definitely not. Recollections are for example a […]



It’s a half of Autumn time, Halloween is already behind us. I mentioned it a thousand times that this time in a year is one of my favourites even though is windy, rainy and chilly but colours… Oh my God I’m completely in love with them. Red, yellow, brown and orange, sweaters, tea, pumpkins, candles… […]


All About Freedom

Freedom? What it mean? Are we completely free or is it just an illusion?… Recently (it means on Friday and Saturday) I had a pleasure to take part in All About Freedom Festival which is organised each year in European Centre Of Solidarity (ECS) in Gdansk. I’ve watched 2 films during these days “Safari” Urlich […]


Being organised in 5 STEPS

Oh My God… it is already October? First topics have been done? I’ve got 5 exams in the nearest two weeks??? Being organized it’s the hardest thing during high school. Beginnings are acceptable but later… you can’t decide where to put your hands.  I have got for you some helpful tips for how to stay […]