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Gasoline for people | Coffee

Nowadays people drink as much coffee as water, you can buy it almost everywhere. Of course, this heavenly drink has many nutritional values because it speeds up your metabolism (helps to lose fat), gives you more energy, protects your heart from diseases.
Apart from all those benefits, coffee is something more… It’s a ritual of self-consideration, each swallow is a different thought, which can make everything different. It is also an opportunity to meet someone new, such as when you are sitting alone in the café, looking straight ahead. Suddenly a young gentleman asks you  “Darling, May I sit with you so that we can drink this amazing coffee together”. I wouldn’t refuse. Coffee is a good chance to spend time with your friends and family and talk about anything having a great time.  Moreover, It is a great excuse to cheat on your diet because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t eat a tiny piece of brownie with a creamy latte.  In every corner of the world, you can find a Café. Of course, it may be the smallest one with only one table and three types of coffee in the card but you can be sure that you will find it.
You can enjoy drinking coffee with your friends.
There are many different types of coffee and ways of preparing it. I am not thinking only about traditional ones: espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and a double espresso. In every country, coffee tastes a bit different and it’s amazing. I know it from my experience.
I drink coffee during writing a new post, making philosophy, reading, talking. Sometimes I do it just because I want to feel this amazing taste. I love meeting my friends in a café and talking with them for hours as well as I enjoy drinking it by myself thinking about future, my blog or just sitting in the living room (because sometimes I’m just too tired to think). Mornings with a huge cup of latte talks with my mom are the best ones.
As a conclusion, I can say that coffee is an international drink just like math and music are languages which everyone understands. You can enjoy it anywhere and with anyone. It is my opinion that if you don’t like coffee then you should… Okay, I don’t get it… How could you??? But well… Drinking hot chocolate or milk would be okay if you enjoy it as much as coffee lovers enjoy coffee!

Aaaaand question for you guys!

What type of coffee and way of preparing it you enjoy the most. Why do you like (or not) coffee?

P.S: I heard that my new, cool translator is not so cool… I will work on it but unfortunately not now.