Planner 2017 – Paperdot

Follow my blog with Bloglovin New year means that I can buy a new planner! But this year I didn’t have to buy it by myself because Father Christmas pamper me a lot! I didn’t expected most of my presents so I was more excited about to open them and one of them was Planner […]

Christmas Presents

The Secret of Christmas Presents

Last post from „Christmas edition” , because I want to tell you something about Christmas presents and what is going on with all this stuff. I will start with short explanation about how Christmas looks in Poland. The main day is on 24th of December. We have a festive dinner and then we open our […]


Chrismtas movies – MUST SEE

Christmas is the perfect time for watching movies, you may ask why but the answer is simple – YOU HAVE TIME FOR IT! I prepared few films that are totally in Christmas mood. Actually love Romantic comedy from 2003. The main characters are played by Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Thomas Sangster, Martin Freeman and Alan […]


Christmas essential

Now we’ve got the most family and charming time in the year. It’s bringing calmness to our lives and hope for a better new year. Since half of November we are surrounding by Christmas stuff and in every shopping centre you can hear at least one festive song. But this actual Christmas spirit is noticeable […]

philosophical problems

Homo mensura omnium rerum

It’s almost the end of November and I should finally post another Philosophy sentence. Thought for this month is “Homo mensura omnium rerum” and it means “Man is the measure of all things”. Protagoras, author of the sentence above, was a pre-Socratic  Greek philosopher, he was one of Sophists, group so-called teachers because they were […]