Philosophy talks | Ethic Care

Long time without any of philosophical texts. It’s time to change it! Today’s post’s a little bit different, we will talk about feminism more specifically about ETHIC OF CARE – let’s get started! Firstly, a short question: How many women philosophers do you know but please be honest don’t look through the internet.  Before I […]


My happy place!

Place where you live should be special for you, give lots of opportunities, fulfill you with happiness and motivation cuz “There is no place like home”, right? As you guys know, (or not) I moved to Gdansk last year. It was hard, leaving all my friends, grandma and of course my puppy = challenge. I […]

Kho Tao

Adventure Time – Thailand

Blue water, white beaches, monks in orange robes and smell of street food (which is really delicious!). All of this and much more you can find in Thailand. Actually the most chosen one tourist place to visit. I have a pleasure to been there for almost a month and exploring all of this wonders with […]

philosophical problems

Homo mensura omnium rerum

It’s almost the end of November and I should finally post another Philosophy sentence. Thought for this month is “Homo mensura omnium rerum” and it means “Man is the measure of all things”. Protagoras, author of the sentence above, was a pre-Socratic  Greek philosopher, he was one of Sophists, group so-called teachers because they were […]


All About Freedom

Freedom? What it mean? Are we completely free or is it just an illusion?… Recently (it means on Friday and Saturday) I had a pleasure to take part in All About Freedom Festival which is organised each year in European Centre Of Solidarity (ECS) in Gdansk. I’ve watched 2 films during these days “Safari” Urlich […]